Oakwood can substantially increase the value of your business

The Oakwood Partnership Offer

  1. Strategic clarity – identifying priority “growth engines” using a relative attractiveness matrix and financial modelling
  2. Data and analysis from customer interviews, employee interviews, market research carried out by an independent member of the Oakwood team
  3. Development of compelling propositions with measurable benefits to the customer
  4. Synchronisation of business and operating models so that the customer experience matches the company promise
  5. A collaborative and inclusive approach – projects that are “done with you not to you”
  6. Management and leadership development for the top team as a key enabler of the cultural change associated with strategy implementation
  7. An execution plan including the top ten initiatives essential to successful implementation
  8. Risk management and mitigation of any obstacles to success
  9. Improved performance management and results across the company through the application of zero based diagnostics
  10. Most consultants focus on only some of these elements whereas the Oakwood package is holistic
Oakwood Partnership Business Consultation

How Our Clients Benefit

  1. Enterprise value typically increases by seven figures
  2. Growth strategy is the basis for a compelling equity story and provides owners with the potential for an optimised exit
  3. Investors are attracted to provide funding for expansion or value crystallisation
  4. Performance and profitability increase by more than 5 times the cost of the project
  5. Management are fully engaged in the project which reduces Oakwood costs in comparison with other external consultants by at least a third
  6. The Oakwood approach facilitates rapid project timescales of around 3-4 months
  7. Enhancements of the skills and capabilities of management participants in the programme

Working with Oakwood

Making Strategy Pay

Making Strategy Pay

Development of strategic clarity with selection of focused areas for growth, compelling propositions and the synchronisation of business and operating models.

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Maximising Performance

Maximising Performance

Improving commercial performance, growth and operational efficiency through implementation of change initiatives based on analysis of current processes, practices and finances.

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Optimised Exits

Optimised Exits

Enabling business owners to maximise the value of the business so that it can be crystallised with potential investment from Oakwood or external sources on favourable terms.

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Our People

David Garman
David GarmanBusiness Consultant
David has 35 years executive management experience plus 10 years as a non-executive director and business advisor.
Rupert Lyle
Rupert LyleBusiness Consultant
25 years’ private equity experience with 3i, Barings, Catapult Ventures and Barclays Ventures. He has been responsible for both new investments in, and sales of, a significant number of businesses across a wide range of sectors.
Ben Didier
Ben DidierBusiness Consultant
Benjamin has 15 years business experience across a range of disciplines. After graduating from the University of Exeter he has worked in a number of commercial and operational management positions.
James Garman
James GarmanBusiness Consultant
James has over 20 years business experience across a range of disciplines including sales, marketing, operations, supply chain, leadership and strategy.
Jaynie Smith
Jaynie Smith Business Consultant
Jaynie has eight years’ experience in marketing and business development predominantly within the services industry.


Working with Oakwood

  • The financial benefits that our clients achieve in the first year of a project are typically more than five times the Oakwood fees.
  • Oakwood fees are typically a third lower than consultancies as we work with client managers rather than using large external project teams.
  • The Oakwood team are experienced business practitioners with many years of hands on experience.
  • We have a collaborative approach that is practical rather that theoretical and supports the learning and development of our client management teams.
  • The coaching facilitates behavioural changes needed to implement a new strategy.