Maximising Performance

Gearing up for Growth

When a business grows aggressively the demand on cash is increased. With greater sales orders the requirement for working capital increases as does the need for investment in employees, premises and equipment. Anyone looking to fund a growing business will want confidence in the way that performance is managed and reassurance that the systems are strong enough to manage the change.

The requirement of a structured way to manage the business that is not just dependent on one or two key people is also key to achieving a premium valuation for either investment or sale. Robust performance management demonstrates to investors that profit levels and growth rates can be sustained in an ever changing market.

Improving Consistency

Driving growth in carefully selected areas requires a disciplined approach and a consistency of execution across the areas of business. Oakwood offer an effective performance management programme that supports small and medium enterprises to achieve their business goals.

Benefits of the Effective Performance Management Programme:

  • Increased Enterprise Value
  • Greater Attractiveness for Funding
  • Wider Market for Company Sale
  • Better Commercial Performance
  • Improved Operational Strength

Identifying Initiatives

Oakwood work with senior managers representing the key functions of the business which generally include; Sales & Marketing, Finance, Operations, HR. As a team reporting methods on key issues are developed. With a basis of facts on current performance and business conditions projects are initiated to build the required capabilities. Projects may include:

  • Assessing day to day commercial practices
  • Developing relevant Key Performance Indicators
  • Zero based diagnostics
  • Reviewing pricing, margins, profitability and cash management
  • Researching customer perspectives
  • Analysing current processes and practices
  • Competitor and market analysis

Projects all have assigned managers, timescales and clear objectives. Results are reviewed so that management have very clear information on the current situation and are able to identify opportunities and resource gaps. Well-informed decisions can then be made on what is required to improve performance and achieve goals.

Decisions may include changes such as; commissioning training to develop required skills, recruiting employees with specific knowledge, contracting suppliers in marketing or systems software, restructuring internal processes, planning investments, cost control initiatives.

Throughout the programme Oakwood work with the management team providing one to one mentoring and coaching as well as the analytical support with the projects. Managers are provided with guidance on current issues and overall direction. As well as the business improvements the programme is an opportunity for learning and development of the management team, enhancing business management and career prospects.

Improved Opportunities

Managers are able to control the business in a more coordinated way that improves productivity, results and growth. Additional business capabilities enable management to set the agenda for the company and proactively drive change. Oakwood bring knowledge of best practice, external perspective, objective analysis, insights and set out options on courses of action. Reviewing options in a relative context supports optimal choices.

Improved Opportunities

The structured approach is ongoing beyond the involvement of Oakwood and underpins a platform for strategy development and execution. The exercise in leadership development that this presents allows managers to gain skills and put in to practice new techniques to improve the business performance.

If you would like to find out more about how Oakwood can support your business in improving results and moving to the next level, then please call for further information.