Over the past 10 years the Partners of Oakwood have worked with the management teams of private, public, and institutionally owned businesses to:

  • strategically refocus them (thus making them more valuable to potential acquirers);
  • build the operational capabilities required to deliver the strategy;
  • use the potential value creation of this redefined strategy to align (or realign!) all stakeholders; and
  • ensure the business is financially, managerially, operationally, structurally and legally prepared for the Exit.

This process has generated hundreds of millions of pounds of additional value for the shareholders and other stakeholders of these businesses when they are sold.

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With a desire to help other businesses and their shareholders maximise value on Exit, Oakwood is now offering its array of formal and experienced based value creation initiatives to any size of businesses considering a change of ownership.

The Value Oakwood Adds

Strategic & Operational Review Phase

Oakwood will help Management:

Redefine the Growth Strategy to Maximise Value on Exit (‘The Vision’)

Plan How to Execute the Redefined Strategy

Use ‘The Vision’ to Align Stakeholders

Use Operations to Drive Competiveness

Upgrade Performance Management, Board Reporting & Corporate Governance

Use Independent Employee & Customer Opinion Surveys to help make informed decisions*

Strategy Implementation & Optimised Exit Phase

Prior to Exit Oakwood will help Management:

Deliver the Vision

Manage Stakeholder Communication and Expectations

If appropriate, Ensure Acquisitions Deliver the Desired Strategic Value Growth

Maximise Value and Minimise Leakage in the Exit Process

Use Executive Coaching to Build a Team Capable of Driving Growth under New Ownership*

∗ Additional Cost


Rupert Lyle

Rupert Lyle

Over 25 years’ in the Private Equity industry. During this time, he has been responsible for both investing in, and exiting, a significant number of businesses across a wide range of sectors, as well managing the strategic and operational development of these businesses from an investor perspective,

In the last 6 years he has sold 16 businesses for a combined enterprise value of £600 million.

Contact 07799 587 568

David Garman

35 years’ executive management experience (latterly as CEO of Allied Bakeries and TDG plc) plus 10 years as a non-executive director and business advisor (at amongst others Carillion plc, Phoenix IT plc and Menzies plc). In 2010 he formed the Oakwood Partnership to provide advice on strategy, the alignment of business and operating models, performance improvement, process development and leadership coaching services to senior executive teams.

Contact 07786 855 780