Strategic Clarity

Stage One: Making Strategic Choices

What are your growth engines?

There are many product lines and service offerings that a company can offer along with different customers and locations. Our experience is that selecting just a few key areas that present the greatest potential growth offers a focus that is hard to match. With diligent research and careful analysis the facts can be set out in a comparative context for the management team to review.

Stage Two: Business Differentiation

What makes your offer different or better?

Understanding customer needs, requirements and buying patterns presents the opportunity to make choices as to how to set what your business offers apart from the competition. Why does a customer choose your business rather than another? What is your offer and what makes it compelling? This is how your place in the market is defined.

Once the compelling proposition is clear operational procedures and management processes need to be developed to ensure that the whole system works making sure your customers get the experience that they expect.

Stage Three: Execution

What changes are required to realise the strategy?

We work with the management team to identify the top ten priority projects to bring about these changes. Initiatives may involve; new products, marketing communications, operational changes to increase productivity, IT infrastructure and the addition of new skills and capabilities.

We suggest leadership, organisational and behavioural changes are required to help you deliver the desired results. We support the managers with coaching and mentoring and collaboratively develop clear plans with critical paths and milestones to reach the objectives.

Commercial Challenges

In today’s competitive business environment it is becoming increasingly challenging to differentiate services and products from those of competitors. As a result margins come under pressure and day to day operational issues draw progressively more management time and resources. Immediate demands to meet current requirements become the ongoing focus leaving little time to work on making substantial improvements. Many leaders in companies with an engaged and busy management team welcome the opportunity to stand back from the business to develop clear strategy.

Oakwood has a proven methodology to provide the support, structure and facilitation to achieve this. With a clear set of priorities the whole team have a coherent understanding of what is most important and so can make decisions in this context to drive the business in a consistent direction.

Developing Solutions with Oakwood Partnership

Developing Solutions

We believe that the expertise of managers can be most effectively utilised when they have the right information and professional support. We use thorough research, rigorous analysis and a structured approach that has demonstrated results. Working through a multitude of possibilities to focus on just a few areas that present the most opportunity for profitable growth provides a sense of strategic clarity.

Developing compelling propositions that set your business apart moves the business away from price-driven commoditisation towards a more quality-based offer. Strengthening methods of performance management ensures that customer experience matches the quality of the offer.

A Collaborative Approach

Our collaborative approach also makes a project an exercise in management development. Throughout we offer mentoring and one to one coaching to support the cultural and behavioural changes that are needed to optimise the performance of the organisation. The result of a project is a stronger client organisation with strategy that delivers outstanding results. The improvement in commercial performance of our clients makes projects self-funding and typically exceed the investment in a project with Oakwood by a multiple of four times or more.

Clients often work with Oakwood to:

  • Improve profitability and achieve transformational levels of growth
  • Increase the value of the business for investment or sale
  • Give management a great sense of control and organisational direction

If you would like to find out more about how Oakwood can support your business in improving results with a clear set of strategic priorities, then please call for further information.

“Oakwood provide a unique blend of strategic analysis and operational focus”

“Oakwood gave us an excellent insight into our capacity for growth, the sustainability of our business model, the opportunity for efficiency improvement and the capability of our management”