As a leader of a business there are many competing demands for your time and not enough hours in the day to meet them all.  With all issues arising from sales, marketing, finance, HR, and operations it can be difficult to get beyond the reactive day to day fire-fighting and focus on proactively setting the agenda for initiatives that push the company forward.

All the urgent requirements of the day job make is hard to take a step back, look forward and ask the right questions about where the company is headed.  Are you asking the right questions of your team?  Are you asking the right questions of yourself?

Every leader is different with different circumstances, different markets, different products and services.  At the same time all leaders face the same challenge of being responsive and available to the team and finding time to set out a clear sense of direction with consistent and coherent messaging.

The same question arises for all leaders again and again – how far do I go in reacting to the requirements of the market and competition of the industry?  And how far do I go in setting the agenda and driving the direction of the business?

Whatever the answer for you, its often worth stepping back and taking the time to look at your week think through the questions – is this the best way I can use my time to support the business in achieving our biggest goals?